Consular Matters - Non-Nationals

This page contains downloadable information sheets and application forms for non-nationals of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

The completed forms downloadable on this page should be returned to he relevant department in the Prime Minister’s Office.  Please see the appropriate ‘requirements form’ for precise information.

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Visa: Most visitors to St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) are not required to apply in advance for an Entry Visa, providing that they satisfy immigration officials on arrival that they are a genuine visitor to the State they will be issued a ‘Visitor Permit’ on arrival.  Persons from the following countries however must obtain a Visa prior to arrival in St Vincent and the Grenadines: People’s Republic of China, Dominican Republic, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Nigeria and Syria.  Details of requirements for ‘Visitor Permits’ and ‘Entry Visas’ is down loadable from below.

  1. Entry Visa Requirements - click here

  2. Entry Visa Application - click here

  3. All persons travelling to St Vincent and the Grenadines must comply with the current SVG Covid Protocol and complete the Pre Arrival Form. Please click here

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Fees 2016:

  1. Residency, Work Permit, Acquisition/Renunciation of Citizenship and Alien’s Landhold Licence  click here - you may also wish to contact the High Commission for the latest fees.

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Residency: Available for Non nationals who wish to take up temporary or permanent residency. 

It is also available to the grandchildren of persons born in St Vincent and the Grenadines, in which case they will need to present official documents which prove their relationship to their Vincentian grandparent/s (i.e. birth certificates/marriage certificates and Decree Absolute if applicable) as well as complete the appropriate form and supply the require documents (please see below).

  1. Requirements - Residency Permit - click here

  2. Application Form - Residency - click here

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Work Permits:

  1. Requirements - Work Permit - click here

  2. Application Form - (Form 1) Work Permit to be Employed by an Employer - click here

  3. Application Form - (Form 2) Work Permit to Engage in an Occupation for Reward or Profit click here

  4. Elective at Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (Formerly Kingstown General Hospital - click here: Medical students who have been chosen to undertake an elective at the Memorial Hospital do not require work permits or a letter from the High Commission.  However they do require a letter of acceptance from the Hospital.  They will also need to meet the requirements for entry to St Vincent and the Grenadines (see above).

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  1. Requirements - Citizenship - click here

  2. Application Form - Registration as a Citizen - click here

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Alien’s Landholding Licence:

  1. Requirements - Alien Land Holding Licence - click here

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  1. Passports

  2. Birth Certificates

  3. Returning Nationals

  4. Renunciation of Citizenship

  5. Repatriation of the Deceased


  1. Visa

  2. Fees 2016

  3. Residency

  4. Work Permits

  5.     & Medical Elective

  6. Citizenship

  7. Alien Land Holding Licence


  1. Police Record

  2. Legalization and certification of documents

  3. Getting Married in St Vincent and the Grenadines

  4. Customs Concession for the importation of Personal Effects

  5. Importation of Vehicles, Plants and Animals


useful contacts


Prime Minister’s Office

Visa Department

Administrative Centre


St Vincent & the Grenadines

Tel: +1 784 456 1111 /

+1 784 457 9710


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Prime Minister’s Office

Residency Department

Administrative Centre


St Vincent & the Grenadines

Tel: +1 784 456 1111 /

+1 784 456 0361


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