Consular Matters - Nationals

This page contains downloadable information sheets and application forms for Vincentian nationals.

If you wish to see the Counsellor, she is available Tuesday-Thursday 11h00-12h00 and 15h00-16h00 by appointment only.  Please call her on 020 7460 2588 to book your appointment at least one week in advance

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  1. Passports

  2. Birth Certificates

  3. CARICOM Skills Certificate

  4. Returning Nationals

  5. Renunciation of Citizenship

  6. Repatriation of the Deceased


  1. Visa

  2. Fees 2016

  3. Residency

  4. Work Permits

  5.     & Medical Elective

  6. Citizenship

  7. Alien Land Holding Licence


  1. Police Record

  2. Legalization and certification of documents

  3. Getting Married in St Vincent and the Grenadines

  4. Customs Concession for the importation of Personal Effects

  5. Importation of Vehicles, Plants and Animals


useful contacts


High Commission for St Vincent and the Grenadines:

Passport Section

10 Kensington Court


W8 5DL

Tel: +44 (0)20 7460 2588


Passport Office - SVG

Tel: +1 784 457 2111


* * *

RESIDENCY (for the grandchildren born in SVG

Prime Minister’s Office

Residency Department

Administrative Centre


St Vincent & the Grenadines

Tel: +1 784 456 1111 /

+1 784 456 0361


* * *


Registry Office:

Tel: +1 784 456 1111


* * *


Customs and Excise:

Tel: +1 784 456 1111/

+1 784 456 1083


Customs & Excise SVG

Ministry of Agriculture

Tel: +1 784 456 1111 /

+1 784 457 2452


* * *


Ministry of Health

Tel: +1 784 456 1111 /

+1 784 457 1729


SVG Government

Customs & Excise SVG

SVG Yellow Pages



Passports: The following persons may apply for a St Vincent and the Grenadines’ passport. Persons:

  1. a) who were born in St Vincent and the Grenandines (SVG)

  2. b) whose parents were born in SVG

  3. c) who have registered as citizens of SVG

Non-nationals who are married to any of the above must register for citizenship before they may apply for a Vincentian passport - please see section below titled Non National for relevant information and guidance.

For security reasons passports are issued centrally in SVG.  From 2005 SVG commenced this issued five (5) year, individual, electronic passports. From 4 March 2014 SVG commenced the issue of the more secure 10 year e-passports. Persons not resident in SVG should apply through their nearest Diplomatic Mission - in the case of persons resident in the UK and the rest of Europe, applications should be submitted through this Mission. 

Please note that applications for first passports and replacements for lost/stolen/damaged passports must be made in person.  Please contact the Counsellor to arrange an appointment and discuss what additional documentation you must bring to your appointment.

  1. The Passport Office has announced that they will commenced the issue of 10 year e-passports on the 4th March 2014. Please be advised that the fee structure for passport applications have also been changed. These details are given below but are currently not available on the downloadable supplementary information sheet . Please also be aware that any application which have been submitted to the Mission but not yet been sent to St Vincent and the Grenadines maybe subject to the new fee structure and therefore incur an increase in payment.

  2. The new fee structure is as follows: Fees: (The following fees are non refundable and must accompany each application for a Vincentian Passport)

Passport fees

  1. New Passport Adult - £ 95.00 - (processing time from receipt of all required documents 4 -8 weeks renewals and approximately 6 months to one year plus for first issue passports

  1. New Passport Child under 16 - £ 70.00 (processing time from receipt of all required documents 4 -8 weeks renewals and approximately 6 months plus for first issue passports)

  1. Early Issue Passport (for passports which have more then 6 months validity remaining) £ 110.00.

  1. Replacement Fee (additional fee for passports which are lost/stolen/mutilated) £ 110.00 plus the fee for a new passport (Processing and issue of passports which have been reported lost/stolen/mutilated must be made in person and may be delayed for twelve (12) months) or longer.

All applications should be submitted with the following fee:

  1. Application Fee:

  2. Adult application £10

  3. Child under 16 Application £7

  4. Secure International postage to and from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines  £ 25.00 persons resident outside the UK should telephone the Mission since there may be an additional charge

Emergency Travel Documents - application should be made in person please call for further information) £25.00  each way plus the application fee- Persons applying for emergency travel documents will not be issued the document until they have also submitted an application and pay the relevant fees for a new or replacement passport.

  1. Payment -
    To be made by Credit Card you will need to contact the Counsellor for details.

  2. Further Persons applying for emergency travel documents will not be issued the document until they have also submitted an application and paid the relevant fees for a new or replacement passport.

  3. Please be advised that all Caribbean documents which are submitted to support Vincentian passport applications must be the newer versions of the certificates. The Passport Office no longer accepts the old style certificates and applicants must obtain the appropriate version of the certificate before submitting their application. For details on how to obtain the latest version of a certificate please contact the relevant High Commissioner/Embassy.

  4. Application Form - (Adult) Persons aged 16 years and over - click here

  5. Application Form - (Child) Children under the age of 16 years - click here

Professionals authorised to certify Vincentian passport application forms (updated for 2021)


The Chief Immigration Officer has advised:

  1. -The provided list of documents required to support the application is not exclusive and the Passport Office reserves the right to request additional supporting documentation.

  2. -When sending important documents to the High Commission by post please use ‘Special Delivery’ not ‘Recorded Delivery’.

  3. -Vincentian passports should not be transmitted via post.  The loss of any Vincentian Passports in the post will be the responsibility of the person to whom the passport was issued.

  4. -All passport applications must be accompanied by original supporting documents (e.g. birth certificates, marriage certificates)

  5. -Persons applying for emergency travel documents will not be issued the document until they have also submitted an application and paid the relevant fees for a new or replacement passport.

  6. -Passports should be collected from the Mission in person. 

  7. -Fees are subject to change.


The grandchildren of persons born in SVG are not automatically eligible for a Vincentian passport.  They may however apply for Residency - in which case they will need to complete the appropriate form and supply the require documents (please see below).  They will also need to present official documentation which prove their relationship to their Vincentian grandparent (i.e. birth certificates/marriage certificates and Decree Absolute if applicable)

  1. Requirements - Residency Permit - click here

  2. Application Form - Residency - click here

* * *

Birth Certificates: Original copies of Vincentian Birth Certificates must be made by application to the registry officer in St Vincent and the Grenadines.  Below you will find the relevant information.

  1. Requests for Birth Certificates

  2. Application Form - Birth Certificate - click here

* * *

CARICOM Skills Certificate: should allow the entry of certain qualified individuals into another CARICOM Member State.  Successful applicants will be granted a definite entry of six months, if they enter a Member State with a Certificate issued by their home country or a Member State other than the receiving country. 

Definition of Categories for free movement of skills

Graduates are persons who have obtained at least a Bachelor's Degree from a recognised university.

Media Persons are persons whose primary source of income is drawn from media and media-related work or persons who are qualified to enter this field.

Artists are persons who are active in or qualified to enter a particular field of art with the specific purpose to earn a living.

Musicians are persons who are active in or qualified to enter a particular field of music with the specific purpose to earn a living.

Sportspersons are persons who are active in or qualified to enter a particular field of sports with the specific purpose to earn a living as a professional or semi-professional.


For more information concerning this matter please visit the CARICOM Website

* * *

Returning Nationals: Duty Free Concession for Returning Nationals is available to nationals who have lived abroad for at least ten (10) years and have returned to take up permanent residence

  1. Duty Free Concession for Returning Nationals - click here

  2. Requirements - Importation of Vehicles - click here

  3. Procedure for Clearance of Goods by Returning Nationals - click here

Persons who do not qualify for the Duty Free Concession for Returning Nationals may be eligible for the following concession

  1. Concessions and Exemptions - Removal of Goods - click here

All requests for the importation of Plants and Animals should be directed to the Ministry of Agriculture: tel: +1 784 456 1111; fax +1 784 457 1688; email

  1. Plants - You should write to the Ministry detailing the plants/seeds you wish to import into Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

  2. Requirements - importation Cat - click here

  3. Requirements for Dog Import - click here

* * *

Renunciation of Citizenship:

  1. Requirements - Renunciation of Vincentian Citizenship - click here

  2. Application Form - Declaration of Renunciation of Citizenship - click here

* * *

Repatriation of the Deceased: 

  1. Requirements for the Transportation of Human Remains to SVG - click here

* * *

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