Consular Matters

The Consular Section deals with matters relating to nationals of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (e.g passport applications, returning nationals information) and non nationals (e.g. visa enquiries).  If the information you require is not provided in this section and you wish to speak to the Counsellor please call her on 020 7460 2588.

If you wish to see the Counsellor, she is available Tuesday-Thursday 11h00-12h00 and 15h00-16h00 by appointment only.  Please book your appointment at least one week in advance.

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This section contains downloadable information sheets and application forms pertaining to services of St Vincent and the Grenadines’.  The Information has been separated into three subsections titled:  Nationals (Vincentian nationals i.e. persons: a) who were born in St Vincent and the Grenadines; b) whose parents were born in SVG; and c) who have registered as citizens of SVG); Non-Nationals; and General (information applicable to both nationals and non-nationals.  Under each subsection title you will find a list of the information contained therein.

The documents downloadable from this page are in a PDF format.  

To download the free version of Acrobat PDF Reader please click here

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